Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Agent Profile - Old Man Crow

I'm back and I'm about the same really. Been running down an address in central Asia, which is not a friendly place to be for your favorite duck. Still it all worked out ok in the end.

I met Old Man Crow on a hillside overlooking the pacific ocean back before I had even had much contact with Mr. Oliphaunt. I had received an e-mail promising . . . well it doesn't matter what it promised me. He was sitting there, warming himself next to a fire. I asked him my question, and he nodded and said that he didn't know anything about it, but that he could see that my path and his would be entwined for some time.

Old Man Crow was one of the initial team, along with Jack Munroe, Madrigella, Tayrn and myself. He was our mystic, being a native American and a member of the Chinook Nation. He had served in World War 2 in the pacific theater and was as old as God. Damn good shot as well.

He stands about 6 feet tall, built for an old guy, with skin that looks like an old catchers mitt. Long white hair. His magic relates to the natural world, as you might expect. He is at home in any natural setting, and I do mean any. We got lost in the Gobi desert once after a gun trade went bad (due in large part to our efforts). We did just fine, although lizards aren't as tasty as they look. He also has some limited ability to sense the shape of the future.

If you work with him, let him take the lead on planning if he wants to. He's got a fine tactical mind and his view of nature. He will often be content to act as advisor however. In which case listen to his advice.