Monday, April 11, 2005

Field Notes - Johnny Royale

Johnny Grease just provided the following account of his interaction with Johnny Royale.

Johnny Royals' good people, least that's what Don Aiuppo said when he sent me to work for him in Philly. He's the face of the New Mafia: Educated, a dreamer, more schemes than an architect on speed, but still ruthless as ever.

You see he says It aint about the locals so much. Their your family, you take care of em, but the ones who pay they get the goods. That prick afleck'd get whatever he wanted before royal's own mother'd get a penny.

He took us into russia when the wall came down, tapped into the EU, Now he's got fealers in all the 'istans. run through a couple of guns, some designer drugs, and he's got friends for life. But here he keeps it upscale. That way his clientel is unbribable, least wise not with money.

Last off keep an eye on his gun hand, he'll get the first shot, but he'll probably miss. Relies more on shock value than accuracy. Hopes he'll get enough shots in before you figure out what he's doin to make sure you don't figure it out.

I hear he took it hard when I left, must not have taken it too hard, I aint shot any of the neighborhood boys yet. I hope it stays that way.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Recent Events in the Rogue Elephant Society

Hello this is Madrigella. Tayrn has asked me to discuss recent events in the Rogue Elephant Society because of my sparkling personality. I shall take as my starting date the recruitment of Johnny Grease and Barry Ho, as a number of new members joined around then (John Sexton, Genges, Gretel), and some long time agents took a new role in the society. I shall break it down into cases, as Molly suggested that that would be a a more exciting way to convey the information.

I was not sure of the value of excitement, but Molly reminded me that the majority of us are still men, so allowances should be made.

The Case of Capturing Jack Munroe. This was Johnny Grease and Barry Ho's first assignment for us, although Johnny had done some contract work for us previous to this. Jack Munroe had gone rogue and was taking some very inappropriate actions. Barry Ho and Johnny Grease captured him in the Orlando Airport, and brought him to have a discussion with the Duck, after which he was disposed of. They also encountered Julia Z, with whom we have tangled with on one other occasion.

The Case of the Savage Beast. Johnny Grease and Barry Ho were sent to capture a site of mystical significance and ran off a motorcycle gang. They also encountered Agent's Starly and Millken of the FBI, who have since opened a file on them and on us. I do not find this extremely worrying, and both Darren Anderson and Lady Saturday have arranged for key evidence to be destroyed or modified.

Gretal says that that last one wasn't named very well, as there was no mention of a savage beast.

The Case of the Missing Gretel Not a joke, actually. Molly says that looks like a joke, but it is not. Gretel was kidnapped by the Emmental council. The gambit seems to have been to cause us to stir us up, which it did. After some detective work in West Texas and an attack in Paris, we found their headquarters and largely destroyed it. Joe joined the group during this adventure, and it began Tarkus and Johnny Grease's dislike of one another, although more on the Tarkus side of things than the Johnny Side of things.

The Case of the Fighting TournamentQuon Jih-Eaux was killed by Jim Dandy shortly before this mission. Lao-Mao was a major crime figure in southeast asia and was holding a tournament at his private Island. The Rogue Elephant Society was brought in because it was felt that the Silent Mongoose Society would be recognized. Also during this time Barry Ho's sister went missing, and was later discovered on Lao Mao's island.

There was a considerable amount of activity in this particular case. Barry Ho rescued his sister, Genges won the tournament, and SEATO destroyed Lao-Mao's base while they escaped in a U-Boat. They made a number of contacts in this adventure, including Jean Baptista and that Scottish oaf who have since joined the Rogue Elephant Society. Oh, and this was Diego's first mission for the society, and the first time Alistaire Traficant worked with a group.

Molly says that is not nice to call people "oafs". I say it may not be nice, but it is accurate.

The Case of the Thousand Year Old Medusa. This happened while most of the team was stuck in Southeast Asia, and so Vivek lead a team of three new agents to deal with a potential robbery. The three are Vivek, Johnny Appleseed, and Darren Anderson, and all three have done very well since then. This mission also gave us our first hint that the Emmental Council had reformed, and also involved run-ins with Julia Z and the Assassin sisters of Mai and Tai.

The Case of the Chess Tournament. This happened about two months ago. Jim Dandy finally popped back on the scopes after getting off of Lao Mao's island previously. Alistaire Traficant and Johnny Grease were dispatched to the area to investigate and then everything became uncertain for about 64 hours. Traficant reported that he and Johnny were recruited to take part in sort of a living chess game, involving Jim Dandy and his father, Jean Baptista, Razuli, and various others. If Traficant's account is to be believed, it also involved two aliens, demonic monkeys and the return of Lao Mao (who later died, if accounts are to be believed). It ended with the Rogue Elephant Society firmly in control of Bangkok, or at least from our perspective.

And that's it up to the moment. Of course since I didn't participate in any of these adventures (except the one involving Gretel, I may have missed some of the salient details. Anybody interested in filling in the gaps is welcome too.

Agent Profile : John Sexton

I hate Bangkok. It's hot and sweaty and humid and ugly. If it weren't for the booze and prostitutes it wouldn't be worth coming to. As it is you can get plenty of booze in lands with a more hospitable climate.

Still things could be worse, and our new digs are pretty comfortable, I guess. Anyway John Sexton.

He's the private dick who's a love machine, or so I've been told. His past before becoming a dick is sketchy. I got one story that puts him in the LAPD and another that puts him in Oakland working for the Black Panthers. Hard to reconcile those two stories.

Still he's been a PI for quite a while. Like many members of the Rogue Elephant Society he has a knack for making the right enemies. I know he's had offices in Chicago, Miami, New Orleans and Knoxville. There's rumors of him being in Hawaii as well, but that might be a hangover and old episodes of Magnum P.I. talking.

Although if John Sexton had been in Magnum P.I., Higgins would have gotten a punch in the face pretty much every episodes. That would have been pretty cool.

Anyway we contracted him to run down some addresses for us. Among them was Jack Munroe, who I really need to fill you in on sometime. But there was an older contact of Mr. Oliphaunts who had turned to some pretty evil stuff. Sexton saw what was going on, and, corrected the situation, which left Mr. Oliphaunts contact pretty well dead.

We picked him up (no mean feat in itself, we had to call in Madrigella), and ascertained what he had done. Tayrn and Madrigella suggested sterilizing the situation, but Oliphaunt would have none of it (particularly after realizing what his old "friend" had been up to), and recruited Sexton on the spot. Sexton has been a valued member of the society ever since, although his politics do not always jibe with other members. In particular Baron Sang and he have passionate discussions on the value of "little people" (Sang's term), which often result in a little "blowing off steam" (Molly O'Shaunessy's term).

I'm going to try to finish off the team with a good concerted effort, but an alternative plan involving booze and prostitutes is beginning to rear it's head.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Back from the Dead

Hello all, this is Tayrn. I've decided to restart this website to provide an update on recent events.
The Silent Mongoose society has disbanded. Old Man Crow retired to the Pacific Northwest, Quon Jih-Eaux is dead, and Vivek is quite busy with projects of his own. Lord Hoshi took Quon Jih-Eaux's death quite hard, and is staying with us in Bangkok. As for Dahn Tu, he remains available should we need him, but his nature does not lend itself to regular missions. The Mangey Unicorn society continues to operate, and are relatively busy with threats of a mystical nature. In particular, as Vivek reported some months back, the Emmental Council has reformed. They are still composed of Madrigella (Team Leader), Molly O'Shaunessay, Gretel, Lady Saturday, and Silver Slippers, although Madrigella reports they are approaching a few potential new members.

Following events in Bangkok, the command staff of the Rogue Elephant has relocated to Bangkok. We are headquartered in a seedy motel, that Traficant informs me was a brothel prior to our occupancy. The command staff consists of myself, Mr. Oliphaunt, the Duck, and our technical expert.

We have three operating teams (counting the Mangey Unicorn Society). Out of deference to the Silent Mongoose Society we are going with Rogue Elephant East for the Bangkok team and Rogue Elephant West for the Orlando Team. The local team consists of Genges, Baron Sang, Danh Tu, Razuli, Tarkus, the Car-Puchin, and Aremasu (although the later three are on an extended mission), with Lord Hoshi and myself available if necessary. Currently Jean Baptista and Vivek are acting as team leaders, although both are heavily committed elsewhere.

Incidentally Jean Baptista's new restaurant in Bangkok opened last week to rave reviews, and is doing good business. His bouillabaisse is very good.

Rogue Elephant West is lead by Johnny Grease and Barry Ho, and consists of Johnny Appleseed, Rufus, Diego, and John Sexton, with the Psychedelic and Alistaire Traficant available for back up, as necessary.

We also have a number of prospects for recruitment, particularly for the Rogue Elephant Society East. But there are hints that both Diego and John Sexton would like to pursue personal interests, so we may be looking for people in the western branch as well.

I should note there is increased chatter right now about some kind of economic warfare about to be launched. We don't know if this will effect us, or if it's even real, but we will keep our eyes open. And you should keep your eyes open as well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Agent Profile - Old Man Crow

I'm back and I'm about the same really. Been running down an address in central Asia, which is not a friendly place to be for your favorite duck. Still it all worked out ok in the end.

I met Old Man Crow on a hillside overlooking the pacific ocean back before I had even had much contact with Mr. Oliphaunt. I had received an e-mail promising . . . well it doesn't matter what it promised me. He was sitting there, warming himself next to a fire. I asked him my question, and he nodded and said that he didn't know anything about it, but that he could see that my path and his would be entwined for some time.

Old Man Crow was one of the initial team, along with Jack Munroe, Madrigella, Tayrn and myself. He was our mystic, being a native American and a member of the Chinook Nation. He had served in World War 2 in the pacific theater and was as old as God. Damn good shot as well.

He stands about 6 feet tall, built for an old guy, with skin that looks like an old catchers mitt. Long white hair. His magic relates to the natural world, as you might expect. He is at home in any natural setting, and I do mean any. We got lost in the Gobi desert once after a gun trade went bad (due in large part to our efforts). We did just fine, although lizards aren't as tasty as they look. He also has some limited ability to sense the shape of the future.

If you work with him, let him take the lead on planning if he wants to. He's got a fine tactical mind and his view of nature. He will often be content to act as advisor however. In which case listen to his advice.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New Recruits 2 - Rufus

The Duck again. I've been trying to track down this Rufus and having not very much success. It turns out nobody at Rudy's out on Highway 1 has ever heard of him.

Kidding. I do real research sometimes too, but this is a tricky one. All I've found is that Rufus is some kind of ultra elite industrial espionage agent who operates out of Detroit, who moonlights as a photographer of the unusual and the absurd. The word ninja is thrown around a bit, and from what I've heard it seems accurate. I called up Traficant, who's just having a swell time in Southeast Asia, and he sent me the following.
Rufus is a good photographer and he's got some strong journalistic mojo. Some of the shots he's taken have been nothing short of amazing. He got both Donald Trump and the Trump bot in one shot, those proving it's existence. He also managed pull out documents and photographic evidence of Project Lazarus, and in fact, has a signed photo of Jimi Hendrix, taking in 1994.

He does work for competing newspapers regularly, and I don't know if his photographic evidence really matches up to the hard work that columnists do. Rufus is very good at showing you something you haven't seen before; but he's not as good at telling you what it means. That's more my stock in trade.
Well professional rivalries aside; that should tell you what you need to know. He's good at getting where other people don't want him to be, and finding things other people don't want us to find. Strikes me he might come in handy.

Friday, October 01, 2004

New Recuits 1 - Johnny Appleseed

OK, let's get this done. Johnny Appleseed, he's just this guy, you know?

I think I used that once before, but it fits. This is the Duck, for those who haven't guessed.

He's ex-special forces. I have conflicting reports that put him in the Navy SEALs and the Army Rangers, and I'm not at all sure that it's possible to be in both. At any rate, the more complete records place him in a special unit in the Army Rangers. He's supposed to be involved in small unit combat on every continent (yeah, that includes Antartica).

It might have been in Antartica where it all started to go wrong. Reports on that mission are sketchy, but the mission was authorized by the NSA, and involved sketchy reports of an archeological dig gone wrong. He got back, with 16% of his unit. He retired, or was retired, immediately thereafter and resolutely refuses to talk about his past.

He's very good with many different styles of combat, and he's smart. He's been trained to effectively deal with unusual situations in the field without coming unglued, and whatever his other mental conditions, his mind still retains that ability. His services are available as a mercenary; we've used him, as an independent operator, on a few missions in the Yukon Territory, and he's done very well.

But he is a little off. In particular, he has an unnatural affection for apples (Tayrn has already sent me out to purchase some particularly good hard cider, in case he does join (Now that's the kind of mission I like. It goes without saying that, in order to get the right Cider, I have to have samples). Tayrn thinks it's probably the symbolic aspect of loving a "pure" America and therefore loving Apples as a symbol of that lost purity. Me, I think the guy probably just really likes apples.

Anyway that's him in a nutshell. He'll make a good field agent; particularly if we have to go out in the country or off the beaten path.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

New Recruits

This is Taryn. We are changing the way we do things a little. I have talked with Mr. Oliphaunt and he agrees that it's time we worked on a more open basis. We have several new recruits that we are considering for inclusion in the Rogue Elephant society. I've asked the Duck to take the next several days and do brief bios about each of these, and he has graciously agreed to do so.

While the final decision will be made by myself, Mr. Oliphaunt and The Duck, we welcome any information you might have about these individuals. Particularly their personal take on them. Please sign your name after your comment so we know who is speaking.