Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Field Report - Julia Z in LA

Tayrn here.

We are currently pursuing a contact in Los Angeles who claims to have spotted the elusive Julia Z. She served as a contact for the Jack Monroe, retired. He fed information to her, and she forwarded it to (we believe) the Producers. When we went to pull Monroe in, she interferred. Johnny Grease had an encounter with her, and here is his description of her.
Julia Z is perhaps one of the most dangerous people we've come up across so far, not because she is the most powerful, has the most fu, or oozes parasitic nanobots, but because she is the most beautifull woman in just about any room happens to be in. She nearly had my head back at the Orlando airport, and I think I got away primarily because I was an obstacle rather than the target. She made the mistake of coming after me with a gun, rather than a knife in the back on a crowded dance floor - not that I dance, but you get the picture. She's quick, she's sexy, and she's a cold hearted killer. So, under other circumstances not a bad catch.
We don't know what her game is, but we can assume it's nothing good. Our contact is working for Autodynamics Research Institution, and should have more information shortly.

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