Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New Recruits 2 - Rufus

The Duck again. I've been trying to track down this Rufus and having not very much success. It turns out nobody at Rudy's out on Highway 1 has ever heard of him.

Kidding. I do real research sometimes too, but this is a tricky one. All I've found is that Rufus is some kind of ultra elite industrial espionage agent who operates out of Detroit, who moonlights as a photographer of the unusual and the absurd. The word ninja is thrown around a bit, and from what I've heard it seems accurate. I called up Traficant, who's just having a swell time in Southeast Asia, and he sent me the following.
Rufus is a good photographer and he's got some strong journalistic mojo. Some of the shots he's taken have been nothing short of amazing. He got both Donald Trump and the Trump bot in one shot, those proving it's existence. He also managed pull out documents and photographic evidence of Project Lazarus, and in fact, has a signed photo of Jimi Hendrix, taking in 1994.

He does work for competing newspapers regularly, and I don't know if his photographic evidence really matches up to the hard work that columnists do. Rufus is very good at showing you something you haven't seen before; but he's not as good at telling you what it means. That's more my stock in trade.
Well professional rivalries aside; that should tell you what you need to know. He's good at getting where other people don't want him to be, and finding things other people don't want us to find. Strikes me he might come in handy.

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