Monday, April 04, 2005

Agent Profile : John Sexton

I hate Bangkok. It's hot and sweaty and humid and ugly. If it weren't for the booze and prostitutes it wouldn't be worth coming to. As it is you can get plenty of booze in lands with a more hospitable climate.

Still things could be worse, and our new digs are pretty comfortable, I guess. Anyway John Sexton.

He's the private dick who's a love machine, or so I've been told. His past before becoming a dick is sketchy. I got one story that puts him in the LAPD and another that puts him in Oakland working for the Black Panthers. Hard to reconcile those two stories.

Still he's been a PI for quite a while. Like many members of the Rogue Elephant Society he has a knack for making the right enemies. I know he's had offices in Chicago, Miami, New Orleans and Knoxville. There's rumors of him being in Hawaii as well, but that might be a hangover and old episodes of Magnum P.I. talking.

Although if John Sexton had been in Magnum P.I., Higgins would have gotten a punch in the face pretty much every episodes. That would have been pretty cool.

Anyway we contracted him to run down some addresses for us. Among them was Jack Munroe, who I really need to fill you in on sometime. But there was an older contact of Mr. Oliphaunts who had turned to some pretty evil stuff. Sexton saw what was going on, and, corrected the situation, which left Mr. Oliphaunts contact pretty well dead.

We picked him up (no mean feat in itself, we had to call in Madrigella), and ascertained what he had done. Tayrn and Madrigella suggested sterilizing the situation, but Oliphaunt would have none of it (particularly after realizing what his old "friend" had been up to), and recruited Sexton on the spot. Sexton has been a valued member of the society ever since, although his politics do not always jibe with other members. In particular Baron Sang and he have passionate discussions on the value of "little people" (Sang's term), which often result in a little "blowing off steam" (Molly O'Shaunessy's term).

I'm going to try to finish off the team with a good concerted effort, but an alternative plan involving booze and prostitutes is beginning to rear it's head.

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