Monday, April 04, 2005

Recent Events in the Rogue Elephant Society

Hello this is Madrigella. Tayrn has asked me to discuss recent events in the Rogue Elephant Society because of my sparkling personality. I shall take as my starting date the recruitment of Johnny Grease and Barry Ho, as a number of new members joined around then (John Sexton, Genges, Gretel), and some long time agents took a new role in the society. I shall break it down into cases, as Molly suggested that that would be a a more exciting way to convey the information.

I was not sure of the value of excitement, but Molly reminded me that the majority of us are still men, so allowances should be made.

The Case of Capturing Jack Munroe. This was Johnny Grease and Barry Ho's first assignment for us, although Johnny had done some contract work for us previous to this. Jack Munroe had gone rogue and was taking some very inappropriate actions. Barry Ho and Johnny Grease captured him in the Orlando Airport, and brought him to have a discussion with the Duck, after which he was disposed of. They also encountered Julia Z, with whom we have tangled with on one other occasion.

The Case of the Savage Beast. Johnny Grease and Barry Ho were sent to capture a site of mystical significance and ran off a motorcycle gang. They also encountered Agent's Starly and Millken of the FBI, who have since opened a file on them and on us. I do not find this extremely worrying, and both Darren Anderson and Lady Saturday have arranged for key evidence to be destroyed or modified.

Gretal says that that last one wasn't named very well, as there was no mention of a savage beast.

The Case of the Missing Gretel Not a joke, actually. Molly says that looks like a joke, but it is not. Gretel was kidnapped by the Emmental council. The gambit seems to have been to cause us to stir us up, which it did. After some detective work in West Texas and an attack in Paris, we found their headquarters and largely destroyed it. Joe joined the group during this adventure, and it began Tarkus and Johnny Grease's dislike of one another, although more on the Tarkus side of things than the Johnny Side of things.

The Case of the Fighting TournamentQuon Jih-Eaux was killed by Jim Dandy shortly before this mission. Lao-Mao was a major crime figure in southeast asia and was holding a tournament at his private Island. The Rogue Elephant Society was brought in because it was felt that the Silent Mongoose Society would be recognized. Also during this time Barry Ho's sister went missing, and was later discovered on Lao Mao's island.

There was a considerable amount of activity in this particular case. Barry Ho rescued his sister, Genges won the tournament, and SEATO destroyed Lao-Mao's base while they escaped in a U-Boat. They made a number of contacts in this adventure, including Jean Baptista and that Scottish oaf who have since joined the Rogue Elephant Society. Oh, and this was Diego's first mission for the society, and the first time Alistaire Traficant worked with a group.

Molly says that is not nice to call people "oafs". I say it may not be nice, but it is accurate.

The Case of the Thousand Year Old Medusa. This happened while most of the team was stuck in Southeast Asia, and so Vivek lead a team of three new agents to deal with a potential robbery. The three are Vivek, Johnny Appleseed, and Darren Anderson, and all three have done very well since then. This mission also gave us our first hint that the Emmental Council had reformed, and also involved run-ins with Julia Z and the Assassin sisters of Mai and Tai.

The Case of the Chess Tournament. This happened about two months ago. Jim Dandy finally popped back on the scopes after getting off of Lao Mao's island previously. Alistaire Traficant and Johnny Grease were dispatched to the area to investigate and then everything became uncertain for about 64 hours. Traficant reported that he and Johnny were recruited to take part in sort of a living chess game, involving Jim Dandy and his father, Jean Baptista, Razuli, and various others. If Traficant's account is to be believed, it also involved two aliens, demonic monkeys and the return of Lao Mao (who later died, if accounts are to be believed). It ended with the Rogue Elephant Society firmly in control of Bangkok, or at least from our perspective.

And that's it up to the moment. Of course since I didn't participate in any of these adventures (except the one involving Gretel, I may have missed some of the salient details. Anybody interested in filling in the gaps is welcome too.

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