Friday, April 01, 2005

Back from the Dead

Hello all, this is Tayrn. I've decided to restart this website to provide an update on recent events.
The Silent Mongoose society has disbanded. Old Man Crow retired to the Pacific Northwest, Quon Jih-Eaux is dead, and Vivek is quite busy with projects of his own. Lord Hoshi took Quon Jih-Eaux's death quite hard, and is staying with us in Bangkok. As for Dahn Tu, he remains available should we need him, but his nature does not lend itself to regular missions. The Mangey Unicorn society continues to operate, and are relatively busy with threats of a mystical nature. In particular, as Vivek reported some months back, the Emmental Council has reformed. They are still composed of Madrigella (Team Leader), Molly O'Shaunessay, Gretel, Lady Saturday, and Silver Slippers, although Madrigella reports they are approaching a few potential new members.

Following events in Bangkok, the command staff of the Rogue Elephant has relocated to Bangkok. We are headquartered in a seedy motel, that Traficant informs me was a brothel prior to our occupancy. The command staff consists of myself, Mr. Oliphaunt, the Duck, and our technical expert.

We have three operating teams (counting the Mangey Unicorn Society). Out of deference to the Silent Mongoose Society we are going with Rogue Elephant East for the Bangkok team and Rogue Elephant West for the Orlando Team. The local team consists of Genges, Baron Sang, Danh Tu, Razuli, Tarkus, the Car-Puchin, and Aremasu (although the later three are on an extended mission), with Lord Hoshi and myself available if necessary. Currently Jean Baptista and Vivek are acting as team leaders, although both are heavily committed elsewhere.

Incidentally Jean Baptista's new restaurant in Bangkok opened last week to rave reviews, and is doing good business. His bouillabaisse is very good.

Rogue Elephant West is lead by Johnny Grease and Barry Ho, and consists of Johnny Appleseed, Rufus, Diego, and John Sexton, with the Psychedelic and Alistaire Traficant available for back up, as necessary.

We also have a number of prospects for recruitment, particularly for the Rogue Elephant Society East. But there are hints that both Diego and John Sexton would like to pursue personal interests, so we may be looking for people in the western branch as well.

I should note there is increased chatter right now about some kind of economic warfare about to be launched. We don't know if this will effect us, or if it's even real, but we will keep our eyes open. And you should keep your eyes open as well.

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