Thursday, July 29, 2004

Agent Profile - Danh Tu

OK, some of you were probably wondering whatever happened to that "monstrous Monster" we were talking about last time.  Well we brought him back to the present, gave him the name Danh Tu, and threw him in the harbor outside of Kampong Saom, Cambodia. 

Aren't you glad I cleared that up?

Actually though we weren't quite that capricious.  Due to poor understanding of the netherworld and juncture travel we ended up in Vietnam when we came back with Tarkus and Danh Tu.  Danh Tu was an abomination, or so the nomeculture goes.  In his particular case that means he has webbed feat, pale gray skin, slit eyes, a rather hideously toothy mouth and bad breath.  I suppose you might have guessed the bad breath on your own.  On the other hand he is a charming person if you can stand to be around him.  Upon returning it was quite clear that he had zero chance of fitting into society. 

Madrigella had a waterproof computer made through some connections of hers, with a specially bright screen, and we jimmied a way for him to patch into a cable that runs from Bangkok to Kampon Soam.  With that we have stayed in touch with him, and he has served as an ad hoc member of the Silent Mongoose society.  Vivek has particularly befriend him, both of them feeling somewhat cut off from normal society I guess. 

He's the Aquaman to Vivek's Batman I guess.  Best not to think that way, since I am guessing I would end up as Woozy Winks in that analogy. 

Anyway if you go to Asia you might encounter him, but for the most part he keeps his own company.  He is sometimes hard to contact, as he does enjoy exploring and feels little need to stay at home all the time.

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