Sunday, July 18, 2004

Field Report - Mr. Oliphaunt Returns from NYC

Mr. Oliphaunt has just returned from Manhattan.  His exact words were "There exists an opportunity for us in the Far East."  According to his information there is some sort of fighting tournament in the area of Bangkok that we might interesting.  
Truthfully, Mr. Oliphaunt has been less than communicative since returning from his trip.  Most of what we know is sketchy.  Vivek has made use of his contacts to determine that this fight is being conducted by a Mr. Lao Mao.  He is involved in drugs and slaves as well as having a stake in several of the big far eastern Crime organizations, including, it is rumored the 97 Chrysanthiums. 
According to Vivek, Lao Mao has an island where the fights are held.  He has visited it once, where he rescued Lord Hoshi who was being held as a prisoner.  While there he took part in the tournament under an assumed name.  At any rate that eliminates Lord Hoshi as one of the contestants.  Vivek says that he had better not attend either, although Quon Jih-Eaux may attend. 
It is unclear right now what our best approach to this problem is, but I would advice all other Martial Artists, particularly Molly O'Shaunnessy and Genghiz to prepare themselves in case we need them to enter the tournament.  Johnny Grease and Barry Ho were already planning on traveling to that area for personal reasons, and may be available to help in a support capacity.  More details will be forthcoming as we gather more information.
Edited to add: Barry Ho is  correct in his report of my error (the name is Lao Mao, not Lo Pan), but incorrect in his diagnosis of why I made it.  In fact it is Mr. Oliphaunt who has, perhaps, viewed too much cinema. 

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Anonymous said...

The man's name is Lao Mao, not Lo Pan.

Taryn, I think you watch too many movies. Like maybe "Big Trouble in Little China."

-Barry Ho