Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Agent Profile - Ghengis

Hey, it's your friendly neighborhood Duck here.  Anyway I'm here to write about Ghengis our kung fu hippy from gangsta city.  Only he's not really from gangsta city. 

Thousands of years ago there was a great empire on the Mongolian steppes of Mongolia.  Did I mention that Tayrn didn't hide the key to the liquor cabinet very well today?  Come and get it.  Or, you know, what's left of it.  Anyway Ghengis lived in this great empire in the year 67 or so by our reckoning.  Don't bother looking in the history books for records of this empire.  It's not there anymore.  Ghengis  saw to that, apparently. 

Silver Slippers speculated that the empire was a Mageocracy, based on ancient pacts.  If the palaces and castles of the ancient city were held together by magic, than what happens next might cause them to more or less wink out of existence, leaving no trace.  Of course it's also possible that Ghengis  and his allies caused a localized critical shift.  

At any rate, Ghengis  describes his home kingdom as pretty bad.  Very repressive.  He was part of a resistance group, the one that finally succeeded at entering the castle.  The guards looked the other way while he and his allies fought a terrific battle with the priests of some heathen god from that part of the world (not that I have anything against heathen gods, of course).  Ghengis  kills the last one himself, after the battle has ended up with everything in the palace dead.  Unfortunately the last priest had opened a door to another world; wherein Ghengis  found himself trapped. 

Ghengis stumbled around the netherworld for a bit; fighting demons and other types, until finally tumbling through into those caves at Lascaux, France.   The ones with the cave paintings.  He ended up pretty quickly in a French jail.  Fortunately for him, Alistaire Traficant was in the area, investigated, and quickly figured out his back story (or at least this much).  He paid his bill and brought him to Mr. Oliphaunt.

Ghengis  isn't the most cheerful of fellows; he hates magic in all its forms.  His passion for hating magic makes us Ascended look almost pro-magic.  His outlook is a bit primitive but he is far from stupid.  He gets on with the Karpucian, and he apparently believes that Barry Ho is some kind of reincarnated angel.  The lest said about that the better. 

Baron Sang stays in human form when around him, however, and the Psychedelic remained on the periphery of involvement precisely to stay away from him.  He's never met Silver Slippers either, but he did meet Old Man Crow.  Apparently Old Man Crows style of magic didn't bother him very much; on the contrary he treated him with a certain amount of deference. 

Ghengis has got excellent kung fu as mentioned above.  His hands move faster than the human eye.  He claims that he used to be considerably more powerful, but that he was tainted by his journey through the netherworld or something like that.  Anyway he's still pretty good in my book.  Mr. Oliphaunt has been trying to convince him that as he fights the good fight, he can purify himself of the taint.  I don't know about that, but I guess it's worth a shot.  If you team up with him, use stealth; but once combat starts, let him get out front and do his thing, while you circle him, helping pick of enemies.  Obviously never introduce him to a magi of any kind, unless you want him to kill that mage.

Anyway writing this has caused undesirable sobriety, so I'm off.  Tune in later when I will be too drunk to type.

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