Monday, July 26, 2004

Agent Profile - Tarkus

Let me take you back, way back, to the age of the caveman. OK, maybe not that far. Just back the beginning of the Rogue Elephant Society when we were operating out of a cheap hotel in central Florida.

Well, we still are operating out of that hotel. Mr. Oliphaunt isn't all that motivated. Anyway he recruited me and Tayrn first. Me and Oliphaunt knew somewhat about the other junctures, although not nearly as much as we know now. Anyway we did the recruitment thing, picking up the late (but not much lamented) Jack Munroe, Madrigella and Old Man Crow. So we had a team of sorts and we knew about the other junctures. Upon careful review and discussion and a certain amount of drinking it was determined that the 1850 juncture was probably the safest for us to visit.

So naturally we ended up in 2056.

Yeah, we didn't know as much as we thought we did.

2056 is not a good juncture for amateurs to visit. And its very hard to get a good drink there, unless you make it to Norway and you like mead (I did and I do, but that is not germane to the story).

At any rate, through a series of interesting encounters I found myself with Madrigella at the Captain Michael Eisenhower Correctional Facility. For a change I was on the pleasant side of the bars. We were investigating some sort of monstrous monster who had rebelled against the system. The nice thing about a system as stratified as that one is that they are afraid not to believe a superior.

Anyway while there we encountered Tarkus, a young man with a distinctive style who was due for processing. Apparently, he had been caught transporting stolen goods. But what was fascinating was the long list of crimes he had apparently committed. Crimes in 2056 are a bit different than current crimes. And apparently one of his larger sins was that he had reconstructed over 20 cars from the 1950s to the 2015s, old gas guzzlers. This was of course an environmental crime. He also had some spotty involvement with the Dallas Rockets and he had been accused of being a Jammer (no big deal, that. Most criminals are accused of being tied to the Jammers. Hard to prove, and it makes the station look good).

Anyway we needed some muscle and a guide, so we busted him. It's not like we had to bribe him with much; just all of Oliphaunt's cars.

Tarkus is a driver; it's what he does. He's good at it. I don't know how much more I can say than that. He's good with firearms, but not spectacular. Oh, and he and Johnny Grease have something going on. I won't speculate, but it seems to involve glaring and swearing. He does get on with the Car-Puchin though.

Ok that's enough history for one day. Talk to you later.

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