Monday, July 19, 2004

Agent Profile - Vivek

The Duck here.  Since I did two from the American group, let's check in with the Mongeese.  Oh, I had that drink I was talking about by the way.  And a couple more. 
Anyway Vivek.  He's got issues.  Apparently his ancestry were connected with one of the Dakaiti.  For those of you with big vocabularies like me you know that that word means gang of thugs.  Unlike the other gangs of thugs known as the thuggees, the Dakaiti tended to be more interested in the money rather than with any sort of religious symbolism.  Course there are those who say that the Dakaiti were just rebels anyway. 
Hey I do have a life outside of booze.  A little reading never hurt anybody.
Anyway Vivek's grandpapa was a leader in a Dakaiti, but his dad didn't want anything to do with it.  After giving his son plenty of opportunities to join, finally one of his lieutenants, thinking to curry favor with the old man, paid a little visit to Vivek's home in New Delhi.  He killed his dad and his mom, being a particularly sloppy and stupid killer, and upon returning to the old man for his reward, he got it.  Something involving crocidiles, I think. 
Vivek was naturally a bit upset by this turn of events and he dissappeared for several years.  His grandpapa spared no expense to round him up, but it was all in vain.  Then a figure started appearing at the edges of organized crime.  A very tough little figure with a whole lot of gadgets and firearms.  He fought crime with two intricately carved gold plated firearms, dressed in the outfit of a temple guardian with an intricate golden mask.  He destroyed his Grandfather's Gang, and continued fighting crime in India and Southeast Asia.  And no I don't know if Vivek and his Grandfather ever met again; I think it's impressive how much I know anyway . 
His contacts in the Asian crime world are second to none, and he's a skilled gunman.  We contacted him very circumspectly, and introduced him to Old Man Crow and Lord Hoshi.  They got along well enough, although Vivek still spends a lot of time on his own agendas.  Still he has remained loyal and extremely useful to the Rogue Elephant society, and if you need to know anything about crime in the Far East, he's your man. 
On the other hand if you ask him for a nearby half decent bar, and he'll look at you like you grew an extra head.  And on that note, I'm off. 

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Ha, ha! Trying to "curry" favor! Ha ha ha!