Friday, July 09, 2004

Field Report - Omami Shoto

This is Vivek reporting for the Silent Mongoose Society. We have undergone some challanges since our last report. We recieved intelligence that suggested that a missing nuclear device was being sold in an auction on this island.

Unfortunately that intel was a ruse to lure us here. Once we were here our ship was destroyed and we found ourselves taking part in a test of a very different type of weapon. Our captors described themselves as Xeno-biologists, and they tested a new creation on us. It was about 4 meters long, had six legs, and resembled a komodo dragon. It had, however, a horn on it's nose and wickedly sharp claws. One wounded Crow, but he recovered relatively quickly. We were able to dispatch the rest of them, and seize control of the compound. As near as we can tell the creature was created here.

There was one unusual device that seems to have been used to incubate the creatures. We were able to find an invoice for it, and it came from a factory in West Texas. I gather there has been an investigation into another factory in that area, and it seems likely that this is the same one. I cannot imagine Sollay Texas having two such factories.

At any rate, we are stuck here for the moment, but should be able to return to Macao within a few days.

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