Thursday, July 15, 2004

Agent Profile - Johnny Grease

OK here's another one of these profiles.   Johnny Grease.  He's just this guy, you know? 
He's ex-Mafia from New York or New Jersey.   I am not sure which but he's not too comfortable in either area.  He's ok looking but not someone who jumps out at you, particularly the way he dresses.  Usually in jeans, a black t-shirt and a duster of some sort.   He goes everywhere heavily armed.  He's equally good at up close in your face action and long range elimination.

He did a few jobs early on for Oliphaunt.  After recruiting a fair amount and realizing that he was going to need even more operatives, Oliphaunt figured he would use smaller missions to test candidates.  Johnny Grease had a rep, but he was supposadly retired.  Oliphaunt called him and arranged a few eliminations, which he carried out handily. 
Johnny doesn't answer a lot of questions; so I don't have too much more to write.  He's been partnered with Barry Ho, and the two get on well enough.  He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and doesn't stay at Oliphaunts hotels; he keeps his own places.  I don't know what he does on his own time. 
If you work with him, let him take care of any hired muscle, while you focus on the target.  He's extremely good at that.  OK that's enough, I'm going to go get a drink.

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