Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Agent Profile - Molly O' Shaunessay

My admiration for the lovely ladies of the Mangey Unicorn Society knows no bounds despite the pain that each has inflicted on me.  Silver Slippers turned me into a frog for a brief period of time, Gretal accidentally stabbed me shortly after we met, and Lady Saturday has barely noted my existence.  And, in the greatest injury of all, Madrigella actually consented to go out with me for a brief period of time before breaking my heart.  But none of them hurt me quite the same way Molly did.  She hurt me with her fists.  Repeatedly. 
I guess I should note that Ms. Molly is the only one who you can go out drinking with.  I should also note that my comportment when I have been drinking is not always as . . . refined as I might wish it to be.  At any rate, many is the morning I have woken up in an ally after having spoken some ill chosen words.  Molly does always leave a bottle of aspirin in my pocket, and it's damned hard to stay angry with her. 
I guess that's Molly in a nutshell right there.  She fights better than any three people and she's so personable that you don't hold a grudge. 
She was an acquaintance of Tayrns back in the old country (for those who don't know, Tayrn's past is pretty interesting, but I'm supposed to talk about it).  Anyway when Tayrn left all that behind to work for Mr. Oliphaunt, the only person she stayed in touch with was a bare knuckle champion named Molly O'Shaunessey.  We used her on a couple of European jobs as extra muscle, and noticed that people just liked talking to her.  She has a natural gift for languages, fortunately.  So when Madrigella was dispatched to form the Mangey Unicorn Society, Molly was her first recruit. 
And that's her story.  If you end up working along side her, let her do the leg work.  In combat she'll be a bit fearless.  She is basically a boxer, but she has studied several other martial arts styles and is very limber and loose on her feet.  She's tough too; in combat it's best to move around the edges picking off enemies while she goes up the middle.
That's all for this edition; hopefully I can find that Genghiz guy and give you the lowdown on our other non Mongoose martial artist. 

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