Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Field Report - Paris

The Mangey Unicorn Society has decamped to Paris, as it appears that the European branch of our enemies have no presense here, and security is a priority for the moment.

Through my contacts, some legwork by Silver Slippers and Molly, and some expert computer work by Lady Saturday (although we all miss Gretal's proficiencies), we've put together a part of a report.

The name that crops up most in our research is La Societe Emmental. Emmental being a type of cheese, I suspect this is a subtle joke. They are very quiet; but among those who have at least a connection to the group are a Swiss confectionery company, a Marseilles street gang, a London philanthropic organization, a group of Dutch Hacker / Anarchists, and a Polish Grainery consortium. Obviously they have a wide range of interests.

Silver Slippers has reported a strange phenomenon; magic is easier in some locations connected to them. She and Molly investigated the Swiss confectionery Company, when she realized how much easier it was for her to call upon her fae abilities. She finds this very troubling, and has left us to journey to the Black Forest and commune with the Fae Court.

Putting one and one together, I would suggest that we are facing mages of some sort with a particular focus on elemental magic. This is suggested by our encounters. We have heard reports of Lightning Monsters, Writhing Water Tentacles, Flame-covered Samuris, Ice Wielding Mages, and so on. Another clue is the word Emmental, which, in english, sounds somewhat close to the word Elemental.

All of this is mere conjecture, of course. And fortunately we do have one piece of hard evidence. We were able to recover a laptop that they had used to order parts. While the device itself contained no useful information, in dismantling it (apparently to relax), Lady Saturday noted that it contained an unusual homing style device. She carefully removed it from the device, and examined it. It is technology that is not common at this time, as the inventor of this particular device won't be born for another three years. She was, however, to track it to a manufacturing plant in Sollay, West Texas. The town has a population of about 15, but it does contain this manufacturing plant and I for one would very much like to know what is inside it.

The only other clue is that I am trying to arrange a meeting with another mystic, an old "friend" of mine. He's a scheming and conniving bastard, but he might give us some useful information. I should know more in couple of days.


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