Monday, June 21, 2004

Agent Profile - Quon Jih-Eaux

Yeah this is The Duck again. This will be a short one though because Jih-Eaux is boring as hell, and because I'm too damn sober.

The way he tells it, Jih-Eaux was a regular old kid, messing around and getting into trouble in Macao (which is in China for those who don't know). The way kids are supposed to be in my book, but apparently it wasn't working out for him. So one day he stumbled into a website proporting to provide martial arts courses. After jiggering with the payment system, he downloaded a PDF entitled "The Staff of the Bruin," and printed it up. It was a series of exercises one was supposed to do with a staff. He found a broom handle and practiced with that all afternoon. When he went back to his computer, he couldn't find the downloaded PDF or the website. Mr. O figures that he stumbled into a bit of the Innernet (some sort of Ascended super-internet, I've never used it myself, being a bit of a black sheep. Well, black duck, anyway).

Anyway he keeps practicing and getting better and better. He shaves his heads, and takes to dressing in loose fitting mono-chromatic outfits. Blacks, Greys, and Greens. He's still a kid, but he's got the gift and the drive. Then one day some men showed up at his school wearing dark outfits and claiming to work for the Secretary of Security and asking to speak to him. They asked him about his web habits in detail, but Jih-Eaux didn't give them any indication that he had downloaded any illicit kung-fu manuals. It's a good thing Taryn doesn't work for Macao, she would have cracked him like a grape. When I innocently borrowed a bottle from Oliphaunts private cellar, she had my confession in 2 minutes flash. Granted, I'm particularly vulnerable to attractive women, but still.

Anyway, back to Jih-Eaux. I'd had my eye on him for a couple of weeks, actually. Taryn had intercepted a communique referencing him, and I had seen him practice and could tell he was quite good. I paid some toughs to beat the snot out of him as sort of a field exercise. Well, they were five adults and he was a 16 year old kid and took them down like yesterday's garbage. So when I saw their interest in him, I knew I had hit the jackpot. I picked him up after school and gave him the lowdown. I introduced him to Master Hoshi, and the two hit it off (sort of).

Anyway he's a 16 year old Chinese kid, like I said. He's shaved his head, and is quite spiritual for someone in our profession. He and Lord Hoshi are a study in contrasts. Lord Hoshi is loud, brash, worldly, and flashy (and of course, from 1850). Quon Jih-Eaux is quiet, friendly, ascetic, and workmanlike. Both are extremely effective martial artists however, particularly since Quon Jih-Eaux has recovered what he calls the Jade Staff of a Thousand Crystalline Blows (it looks like a regular old Staff to me, but what I know). Jih-Eaux also possesses excellent computing skills and is fairly good at sneaking. He's also extremely lucky.

Jih-Eaux works with the Silent Mongoose Society, naturally. If you want more statistical information, here it is.

Anyway that's all for this edition. Adios amoebas.

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