Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Field Report - Gretal's Kidnapping 2

This has been a frustrating night and morning. It is now 1:00 PM my time (7:00 AM Orlando, 6:00 PM Bangkok)

We were waylaid on the road to Bern just past Sarnen (we were taking the southern route) by a van full of men in badly tailored suits. Their guns were well operated however, and we had to take shelter for bit. Molly was shot in the thigh which slowed her down a little (although she still managed to subdue three of our attackers in her unimitatable style (I suspect it was good for her to work of a little stress)). Silver Slippers and I arranged the other five. In the fracass, however, both cars were damaged, and we lost contact with Lady Saturday.

We managed to acquire a new vehicle through the power of persuasion and arrived at Bern at about seven in the morning, local time (1:00 AM Orlando Time, Noon Bangkok Time). Our methods of acquiring a new automobile lead to an undesirable encounter with the local police which took us some time to extract ourselves from. Lady Saturday has used her special skills to erase all record of our brief incarceration.

Silver Slippers then was able to perform a ritual to lead us to Gretal. It worked imperfectly, but Slippers strongly contends that our enemies worked some kind of counter curse to protect themselves. At any rate, we found the room where her captors and her were staying (including some adorable child sized handcuffs that I believe I can find some use for should I find her captors alive), but they are gone. We are investigating the room now and will pass on further information when we have it.


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