Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Darkness We Face; The Organization

As referenced above I am reviewing the groups that the Rogue Elephant Society was created to struggle against. The first, the True Ascended, I referenced below.

The second group is simply called the Organization. It is made up of several crime families and organizations. For the most part these are smaller operations, as most of the larger, more successful, criminal organizations are under the direct control of the Ascended. The combined power of these smaller groups, however, is making them players in the criminal world.

Among the groups who have united behind the Organization are the Luchesse Family out of Washington D.C., the Mahoney Family from Philadelphia, the Raviel Cartel (out of Peru), the Johnny Too Bads (a Jamaican Gang, powerful in New York and the Caribbean), the 97 Chrysanthemums (from Malaysia, although they also have a presence in Hong Kong), the Soshi Family (A Yakuza Family, active in Japan and the Pacific Northwest), and the Green Snake Society (Thailand), as well as several dozen smaller groups.

What makes this group troubling is the speed with which they have grown and acquired power. A year ago most of the individual families / groups were barely getting by; today and together they have enough muscle to challenge almost any other gang. So far they have chosen to be good sports and stay quiet, but they are under no obligation to continue that policy.

The big man in North America is called Big Cy, which is short for Cyrus. He’s affiliated with the Mahoney family, but he has not been with them very long. We can not discern any overarching goal for the Organization except that of making a lot of money through criminal endeavors. That doesn't mean that such goals don't exist, simply that we are unaware of what they might be. This is a lack we intend to rectify.

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