Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Field Report - Gretal Kidnapped

Gretal, a member of the Mangey Unicorn Society has been kidnapped. It's unclear who did it or why this was done. We should have more shortly.

Molly, Gretal, and Silver Slippers were walking back to our current residence, through the Lake Side Parks in Zurich, Switzerland. The project that had brought us to Zurich did not involve them, and so they went out to explore, as is their wont. Molly's wont, but we've all come to enjoy joining her on her explorations. If only they didn't so often lead into trouble.

Gretal often runs off, so it was about a half hour before Slippers and Molly noticed she was gone. They noticed she was missing at about 10:30 PM Zurich Time (4:30 PM in Orlando, 3:30 AM in Bangkok). Slippers used her arts to determine the Gretal was no longer in the park. Once she called it in, Lady Saturday deterimined that her tranciever had also been removed or deactivated. We believe that Gretal must be drugged, as she is quite skilled at defending herself under normal circumstances. We place the time of kidnapping somewhere between 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM Zurich Time.

I do not believe that Gretal has turned or been turned on our enterprise; but it must be accepted as a possibility.

I shall report more as I can, although naturally I am somewhat more concerned with doing my job than with posting here.


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