Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Field Report - Atlanta 2

This is not my fault.

This is the Duck. Something wierd as hell happened here. Apparently we were supposed to be at Gate E12 and we went to Gat A12, which is a long way away from where we are supposed to be. Funny thing. Both me and the Psychedelic looked up the info and came up with the same gate and when we got to A12, the damn sign said Now Arriving Milan. I have a print out of the screen, and that says A12, so I'd say whoever they got doing this crap pretty well succeeded at screwing with us.

I'd say it was some kind of computer hacker, but the Psychedelic thinks it's a "paradoxical specter, a magic mushroom mindhacker, a stone cold tribble groove." I'm pretty sure that means he thinks magic is behind it. Anyway he's trying to get the spirit of the Airport to tell him where they went. One of our monkey buddies found an untended terminal in a back room and patched in. Hopefully one of them will turn up something.

But to repeat the main point, I am not drunk and this is not my fault!

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