Monday, June 14, 2004

News Report - Diabolical Disturbance in Barcelona

Diabolical Disturbance in Barcelona
By Nicolai Van Hoffman, Associated Press

BARCELONA, SPAIN. According to reports collect by this reporter, their was a supernatural attack on a small chapel on the outskirts of Barcelona. The priest was able to repel the beast with some help.

During evening services, worshipers reported the doors being flung open and 12 feet tall humanoid figure, covered with mouths walking in. The creature, apparently had his own mouth with which he screamed, "It is time for this place to die!" The beast strode into the center of the chapel, at which point the priest pulled out an automatic weapon and opened fire, while worshipers fled through a side door, and to the back.

The weapon had little effect initially, but then the beast was also attacked by three other worshipers, three woman. The first was 7 feet tall and extremely well built, with red hair and black eyes. She attacked the creature with her fists. The second, a thin woman with light purple hair, pulled a handgun and opened fire as well, and the third, according to reports (which omitted all description of her), spoke some words in an ancient language and threw lightning from her fingers at the creature. The creature fought back, throwing the tongues in its many mouths out to attack, but was destroyed.

The three woman disappeared into the crowd and the priest refused to make any comment.

Editors comments; Are you kidding me? What is this crap, Van Hoffman? You have stories like these send them to the enquirer not me.
We have news taps at all the mainstream news sources. This story never saw the light of day, thank goodness. The woman involved were, of course, our own Molly, Madrigella, and Silver Slippers. We don't know what to make of this "Many-Mouthed Beast." The first assumption would be that the Lotus (sorcerers from ancient China) would be behind it, but they rarely operate outside of the Far East. Madrigella believes herself to be on the trail of whoever sent the beast, but we have no hard evidence at this point.

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