Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Field Report - Gretal's Kidnapping 4

Well, we finally caught a break. Two breaks actually. We know that Gretal and two of her captors (one of the men and the woman) boarded Delta Flight 75 from Milan Italy to Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Oliphaunt has already sent a strike team to meet them as they arrive.

We discovered this through going through the hotel server, and were able to confirm it with hotel cameras.

The other news is not too surprising, but our enemies are Magus of some kind. According to Slippers their spells seem somewhat Paradoxically based and have a distinct odor of Blue. I'm unsure as to what that means, but thought I would repeat it. We have some suspicions as to who has organized this kidnapping, but I am waiting to hear back from a contact, and don't want to give any statements until I know for sure.

The flight lands at 3:15 Eastern Time, hopefully that will put an end to this particular trouble. My sense is, however, that this is all somewhat pat. While we have had a certain difficulty in tracking the group which Slippers believed came from their influence on the laws of chance, the trail itself was not very difficult. I can't help but feel that they want our attention, and I would recommend all those who get involved in this matter to stay on your toes.


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