Thursday, June 10, 2004

A Note

Hello, I am Ms. Tayrn O'Ciaragáin. I serve as Mr. Oliphaunt's Major Domo, and as is typical in any endeavor that requires he leave his lounge, he has delegated the day to day running of this log to me.

It is one of his rare good ideas, however, so I am happy to do so. This log will be a private window into the workings of the Rogue Elephant Society, which currently has branches in Asia, Europe and North America. We hope to have branches in Africa / the Middle East and Latin America soon.

You may ask what the Rogue Elephant Society is all about. Well we are protecting the corrupt and venal system which runs the world in 2003 from becoming a truly monstrous system. Mr. Oliphaunt has some notion that we might improve the system through our efforts, but I remain doubtful.

The Ascended control the world. Kind of like those elderly gentleman on the X-Files, but more effective and less old. To answer the obvious questions, yes this means governments are illusions, the economic system is rigged in their favor (although not, I might add, specifically against anybody else (unless that person has frustrated a superior)), the media has little to no interest in revealing them, and they are the reason so many bad things happen. Not the only reason, but a reason.

Why, then, do I and Mr. Oliphaunt tacitly support them? Because the alternatives are worse. Much worse. But I'm afraid that I hear automatic gun fire, and so I must leave that discussion until a later time.

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