Wednesday, June 16, 2004

News Report - Local Landmark Reopening in Bangkok

Translated from Thai, first appeared in the Bangkok Post.

Local Landmark Reopens

The Deeply Conspicuous Tea Room in downtown Bangkok reopened today under new management. The Teahouse was destroyed in what was reported to be a battle between rival gangs.

Mr. Hoshi, a financier of some kind made these cryptic comments. "I believe that this Tea Room will serve as an example to those in the community of how to live in an honorable and pleasing manner." He then demonstrated to the reporters his skills as a martial artist.

Mr. Hoshi noted that Ms. Sumalee will remain the manager of the Deeply Conspicuous Tea Room, stating, "truly such a magnificent entrepreneuse would be sorely missed by all, if we had replaced her."

The Tea Room was destroyed under strange circumstances; it had apparently been adopted by the Green Snake Society, a local tong. There were in the process of purchasing the Tea Room when a rival gang attacked them there. In the ensuing fight the Green Snake Society was run off, and Mr. Hoshi stepped in to stem the Tea Rooms financial troubles.
The Deeply Conspicuous Tea Room was a moderately powerful Chi Site. We don't know if the Green Snake Society was aware of that when they chose it as a home base, but it seems possible. The Green Snake Society, as referenced before, is a part of The Organization, so this victory made our organization stronger and theirs weaker.

All of the organizations are involved in seizing Chi sites for themselves. There will be a meeting of the Rogue Elephant Society (US) tonight to discuss gaining control over such sites in the American Southeast.

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Anonymous said...

I, Lord Hoshi, am no mere financier. I am the greatest Swordsman who ever lived and I am a master of Crane Style Kung Fu. All who face me in battle shall be sliced to ribbons! All who insult me will taste the flat of my blade against their nose!

I will allow this fiction to stand among the peasents of this world, but I wished my comrades at arms to know the truth!