Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Darkness We Face; The Producers

The third organization we find ourselves at odds with calls themselves the Producers. Presumably most of you are aware of the mythology surrounding a United States Military installation called Area 51. As you will often find, there is a grain of truth behind the mythology.

The Ascended have had the occasion to acquire a number of odd and unusual artifacts in their battles in the netherworld and in defending the junctures they hold. Some of those artifacts are magically powered, created by the Lotus or others in earlier junctures. Some of them are powered by a fusion of Magic and Technology which has the inelegant name of Arconowave Technology. Some of them are the remnants of lost junctures. Many of these devices are distinctly dangerous to the Ascended. So they were taken to the 1850 juncture to a remote location in Nevada for storage purposes.

Since that time the Ascended have maintained a staff of Pledged humans working to decipher these strange mechanisms. In the 1940s, an experiment gone awry alerted the public to the existence of Area 51. The Pledged Servents of the Ascended attempted initially to quell such rumors, however, some in the Jackal family saw an opportunity to experiment with a disinformation campaign in order to diver those who might threaten the Ascended.

They have succeeded; many seekers of the truth are diverted into unproductive quests for aliens. The staff at Area 51 have developed a few procedures to seed confusion among those whose passion for the truth might make them a threat. They have a three pronged methodology.

1. They provide circumstantial and visual evidence of aliens. This is done using technology they have pilfered from the Architects and from other sources.
2. Whenever anybody gets a little too eager or needs a push in the right direction, they receive either an anonymous tip or a visit from the “Men in Black.” The “Men in Black” have rarely handled actual threats to the Ascended (those are usually handled by a visit from Scorpion or Snake assassins), but they help steer seekers into dead end investigations by showing up to “dissuade the investigator” from investigating nonsense.
3. The third prong is nicknamed Project Frankenstein. As referenced above they have a relatively large stockpile of biotechnology from the future. They have been attempting to duplicate said devises and installing it in human subjects. They acquire their subjects in one of two ways. Either they capture them through an “alien abduction” or they use an inmate from one of about two dozen prisons that Ascended (and now the Producers) control in the Southwest.
Recently the head of Area 51, along with allies throughout the South West United States and up into the Rocky Mountains have quietly slipped off the reservation. They have increased their production of Frankensteins, and have made significant advances in their understanding of Arcanowave technology. We believe they have made contact with a group from the 2056 juncture. It’s doubtful they would work with the Architects directly, but they may have contacted disaffected scientists from that juncture. They have begun referring to themselves as the Producers, a wry reference to their creation of science fiction monsters.

The goals of the Producers are even less clearly understood than those of the Organization. Clearly they are frustrated at being kept out of the ranks of real power within the Ascended. And it is possible that they are following a plan set out by their hypothetical contact in 2056.

The confusion, however may simply be a reflection of their current leader, Jason Wittgensen, of whom I will speak at a later time.

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