Monday, June 21, 2004

Intercepted Document - NSA Security Document S.12223

This document was intercepted by an ally of Mr. Oliphaunts and is provided here.

Field Report
Agents - Starley and Millkin
Location - Tallahassee FL
Descriptors - Gang, motorcycle; Ghost.
Possible Contacts - Phunt, Oliver, slight Asian man, taller American man (possibly Italian American)

Description of Events. Agent Millkin and I arrived at about 3:00 in the afternoon. Millkin had a theory that the Asylum was inhabited by the spirit of one of the inmates contained there when the hospital was in operations. When we arrived we saw a very well dressed American man, sweating slightly, and a smaller Asian man, who was more cool. The Asiatic man did most of the talking, explaining that he and his companion were surveying the property for an employer.

Agent Millkin and I noted a stream of motorcycles, and enquired about them, but they explained that they had arrived just before us, and assumed that the owners of the bike had gone somewhere on foot. After a brief inspection of the building, which, although run down, seemed structurally sound, we exited the building and noticed that the car of these two gentleman was completely destroyed.

We speculated that the gang of motorcycle toughs had returned while we were inside and pounded on the front of the car with baseball bats or hammers. I noted a baseball nearby which confirmed my hypothesis. Agent Millkin determined that we should consult with local authorities about their unwillingness to prosecute these thugs.

Later that evening we returned with a deputy (Deputy Charles Jones) and found the bodies of the motorcycle gang. Deputy Jones speculated that perhaps a rival gang had attacked. Agent Millkin speculated that perhaps the ghosts contained within the asylum had possessed the bikers and forced them to turn their guns on one another. Autopsies, however, showed that they had been killed by a weapon that matched none of the weapons left on site.

There were, however, anomalous findings on one of the bodies. A very large man, who was identified as Virgil St. Claire, but also apparently went by the name of Meat. The wounds he experienced seemed to be caused by heavy blows to the body, but it was impossible to identify what sort of weapon had caused the wounds. There were also strange burns on the skin, similar to burns caused by muzzle flash but with a different pattern.

At any rate, it seems most likely that the dead men were victims of a rival gang, as Deputy Jones opined. We did confirm that the property had been recently purchased by a man named Oliver Phunt, and we are attempting to contact him to gain information on his employees.
This operation was perhaps a bit noisier than we like to see, but it appears that Barry Ho and Johnny Grease were able to dissuade law enforcement from taking an interest in our activities. For the time being, at any rate.

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