Thursday, June 24, 2004

Field Report - Gretal Recovered 2

This is Taryn. I'm not going to go over everything, because you all know the general outlines. Yesterday Gretal was kidnapped and brought to the United States. It appears that the kidnapping was, at least in part, an attempt to spread our forces thin and to lead our operatives into traps. A few highlights.

- Lady Saturday, in Zurich, was attacked by what she described as a "Knives and Forks" monster. She dispatched it using a few well placed bits of C4 and moved to a separate apartment.
- Madrigella, Molly and Silver Slippers were attacked on the road to Bern, and also had a run in with the law that may have been staged.
- The Psychedelic, covering Chattanooga airport, was attacked. He defeated his enemies, but the wounds suffered in the fight caused him to be hospitalized.
- There were attacks on our agents in several other airports.

Gretal was, ultimately, taken to Jacksonville, where Johnny Grease, Barry Ho, and Tarkus were able to effect a rescue, aided by information from Madrigella and a uniquely skilled passerby named Joe. They were attacked by a woman wielding Ice Based powers and her cronies, which they dispatched.

They then headed to the Adams-Mark hotel in downtown Jacksonville, where Gretal had been taken. There they were attacked by some sort of Electroman. Barry Ho attacked this creature, while Tarkus and Johnny Grease chased off after Gretal's captors who took off. Barry Ho was able to dispatch the creature with some help from a passerby named Joe who may have been involved with an unusual event last month. We are bringing him in for questioning, which as you know involves the Duck getting drunk with the interogatee in hopes that he lets something slip.

Anyway Tarkus superior skill and superior machine was able to catch up with the other car. He muscled his car directly in front of the other car in such a way that the drive side swiped some parked cars. This jolt was enough to wake up Gretal. At that moment Johnny Grease dropped some caltrops and punctured the tires of Gretal's Captors. Gretal dispatched her female kidnapper and the driver was rendered unconscious. Tarkus swung around, they picked up Gretal and made their way to the rendy-vous point (The Hole in the Wall which makes the best Irish Coffee in Florida (not that there's much call for hot drinks here)).

We know disturbingly little about our enemies, and they seem to know a great deal about us. Madrigella is working some leads and should have something for us soon. What we do know is that they have mystical skill and can manage spectacular effects, even in this world where such effects are supposed to be impossible. That indicates either great skill or they are cheating somehow.

At any rate, it's good to have Gretal back, and lift your glasses to Tarkus, Johnny Grease and Barry Ho for having accomplished this task.

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