Thursday, June 17, 2004

Field Report - The 31 Precepts of the 97 Chrysanthemums

This was just recieved from Bangkok.

Hello my name is Vivek and I have been labled a vigalente by those who do not understand the evils we face. Recently we clashed with the 97 Chrysanthemums and I happened to acquire this list of Precepts which all of the Chrysanthemums are too live by.

Variations of this list are used by a number of South Asian Tongs and secret societies so it is worthy of close examination.

1. To cross the ocean without letting the sky know. To cheat all the people around.
2. To surround Wei country in order to rescue Chao country. If an ally is surrounded by enemy, attack the enemy's country to save the ally.
3. To kill a person with someone else's knife. To eliminate a victim without being personally involved.
4. To stay home and let the enemy come to attack you. To eliminate the tired enemy with your refreshed army.
5. To rob while there is a fire. To commit a crime amidst social unrest. To pretend to hit the east and actually attack the west. To pretend to attack one place and strike the unguarded primary target.
6. To create something out of nothing. To confuse the enemy with false information.
7. To attack the enemy through the least suspected routes while launching an explicit yet fake attack plan.
8. To stay at a distance while two conflicting parties are attacking each other.
9. To pretend to be innocent when caught.
10. To put Chang's hat on Lee's head. To confuse the enemy by identifying Lee as Chang and vice versa.
11. To steal if the situation allows. To beat the grass and scare the snake. To hit two enemies with one attack.
12. To utilize the identity of a deceased man.
13. To persuade the tiger to leave its mountain. To persuade the army or householder to leave the city or house so that one can attack the place off-guard.
14. To pretend to set loose a person right before arresting him. To throw a stone to call forth the jade. Limited self-revelation or exposure to bring forth the hidden enemy.
15. To magnify one's own strength.
16. To solve a problem by treating the causes rather than the consequences.
17. To steal after creating chaos.
18. To transform oneself into a totally new person in a crisis situation.
19. To occupy a country while passing through it.
20. To make friends with groups from far away while conquering the surrounding groups.
21. To blame someone you do not want to have open conflict, point the finger at someone else while you are making the verbal assault.
22. To steal the dragon and replace it with a phoenix. That means to steal a real thing and replace it with a fraudulent one, or to send an innocent marginal member to the authorities to bear the burden of the heinous crime of an important offender.
23. To kill a person and scare the rest.
24. To pretend to be an insane person when caught.
25. To destroy the bridge after crossing it, that is, to prevent the enemy from following.
26. To commit a crime in such a way that the incident seems to be caused by natural forces.
27. To overpower the host and take over his place.
28. To use women as bait.
29. To attack or rob a place while it is unguarded.
30. To obtain information about the enemy by counter-intelligence activities.
31. To lure the enemy's pity by intentionally hurting oneself. To apply the domino principle. To walk away from the scene if there is no better option.

This should convine all who read it of the evil of such criminals. Hopefully we will be vigilant in crushing them.

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